Sugar Flowers for Beginners

In this full day class you will learn how to make a classic frilled Peony, English rose, A branch of berries, Green filler buds and White filler flowers!

You will work with my favourite flower paste that can be rolled super thin and is very versatile!

You will learn how to make the delicate ruffled center of an English rose, how to vein and cup your petals and how to attach these to the centre. You will learn how to vein and frill the edges of your peony petals, drying techniques and how to attach the large petals to build a fluffy delicate Peony!

You will learn how to make quick and easy berries that are individually wired and taped together and classic white filler flowers and dusted green buds- essential for filling in those little gaps in your arrangements!

This is a perfect class to learn two 'on trend' wedding flowers and to use these foundations skills for future flower making.

Everything you need is supplied. You will need to bring your lunch and a container to carry your flowers home in. Please note: this is a flower lesson only - we will not be covering a cake.

You will receive Magical Cakes workshop notes on how to make all the flowers and take home any unused flowerpaste for practise at home.

Suitable for Beginners and all levels.

Magical Cakes Workshops

Balancing Bears

In this modeling class, you will learn how to make three cute bears from fondant, all different sizes with unique little personalities!

A great class for practising fundamental modelling skills, using very few tools and working with structural supports and learning about balance of objects.

You will also make some cute bumble bees and a honey pot and complete your topper with edible glaze and touches of petal dusts on the cheeks to bring your work to life!

Please note, this is a cake topper class only. You will take home your fondant teddybears on a craft dummy as per the photo along with Magical Cakes workshop notes.

Suitable for all levels

Sugar Flowers Masterclass - Floral Hoop

In this weekend workshop you will learn how to make a beautiful floral hoop that is designed to be placed on the center tier shelf of a wedding cake.

You will learn how to make an Anemone, Classic open Rose, Ranunculu, berries, slender leaves, rose leaves and eucalyptus branches. You will learn how to wire individual petals, vein and frill. You will choose your own colour theme.You will also learn how to make a natural looking twig wreath.

On the second day, we will tape all our petals and leaves together and choose the lay-out of our arrangement. I will show you the steps of how to tape all the flowers and leaves onto the gold metal hoop, so that they are firm and secure and the design looks blanced.  You could also choose your twig wreath to assemble in class instead of the gold hoop - for a more rustic look!

These hoops are delightful and so rewarding to make - there are endless possible designs you could create!

Intermediate level.